This Web Based System Includes:

  • General Ledger: A robust ledger system allowing users to view account budgets, balances, encumbrances, transaction activity, security settings and many more. This is the hub to the entire fund accounting area as without a great General Ledger, all other work would be far more difficult than it should be

  • Transaction Processing: A full online process to handle all transactions in a manner to eliminate the need for paper copies to share between entry staff and business managers and also increase efficiencies

  • Journals: An entry screen that allows the maximum amount of entries in the shortest amount of time. Data is limited to the necessary fields on a Debit/Credit environment that allows entries between funds or within funds that also must balance by fund to be funds are not accidentally left out of balance.

  • Accounts Receivable: Full A/R system allowing invoicing to be created for any entity. It also contains the ability to create past due statements, detailed payment history and outstanding balances

  • Cash Receipts: From receive cash from the state or municipalities and the need to receive payments for gym rentals, we cover the spectrum. This process also integrates with the A/R system to be certain payments are correctly posted to the invoices generated in the system

  • Purchase Orders: A site based system that allows entry of purchase requests anywhere between the teacher level or stop at the business office level. You have many ways to enter requests that also houses a robust approval system to be certain that those who should see the request will never be left out

  • Accounts Payable: An accounts payable system that not only incorporates the ability to make necessary payments to all vendors but is integrated with the purchasing system to be certain encumbrances are properly relieved. The payroll system is also fully setup to push the necessary data into the accounting system to keep the accounts fully up to date

  • Entities (Vendors/Customers):  We maintain all vendors and customers in one convenient area to allow access to information in the most expedient manner possible. This area also houses all information for multiple vendor locations under one vendor umbrella to eliminate confusion of several vendors setup for one actual vendor

  • Fund Settings: In a fund based system there must be a way to manage all accounts in a manner that does not require multiple entries to keep these accounts in balance. A small screen has been created to identify the necessary offsets to allow payable and receipt entries to have the offsetting entry for balancing purposes to be created by the system automatically

  • Yearly Processing: An area that houses several items for the purposes of yearly type events. This area contains budget entry/import, creation of budget projections, the creation of FID files, calendar end 1099 creation and the ability to roll balances ahead for the coming year.


This Web Based Financial Accounting System provides school districts with an efficient way to manage all district related finances in a Fund based setting. It is F.I.D. compliant, maintains transaction history for all changes, allows districts to keep close track of cash flow, built in separation of duties for all posting needs, creates all special forms for needed tax reporting, purchase orders, billing and contains a robust approval process for purchasing.  

Full transactional history is maintained for every action that takes place in this accounting system from vendor name changes to account changes to adjustments in un-approved purchase requests to all entries made in AP, AR and Journals. Nothing is left out so if an audit of all activity is needed, we have it.