The Web Based System includes:

  • Customizable Lookup Tables: Allows you to add and modify information for user defined lookup tables accessible via the Employees module.

  • Pay Schedules: Hourly worker pay period date setup and maintain week numbers for government reporting.

  • Unit Pay: Ability to upload data from third party companies or enter unit information for non-salaried employees

  • Deductions: Deduction setup for individual employees or allowing for group setup of employees who meet certain grouping criteria. All necessary deduction maximums are also maintained under deduction setup.

  • Benefits: Benefit setup for individual employees or allowing for group setup of employees who meet certain grouping criteria.  

  • Benefit Distribution: Allow distribution of benefits based on the setup of your gross pay. Simplifies benefit setup by having a connection between the gross pay accounts and the benefit accounts.

  • Benefit Cost: Setting up any elective benefit such as medical which determines cost assigned by benefit level (i.e. Single or Family). Including lowest cost premium for ACA reporting, Hard Caps, Employee Costs and Claims Tax. It also assigns benefits to your W-2 12DD code. Automatically assigns benefit costs and employee deductions for payroll records.

  • Workers Comp: Where you maintain workers comp code and workers comp rates by date.

  • Payroll Run: This is a step by step Wizard that will walk you through the payroll including verification reports, creating required files and setting up employee notification.

  • Accrual Processing: Allows the creation of necessary data pushed to the accounting system for payrolls that are processed in the next year while earned in the current year.

  • Pay Scales: Ability to assign grades, steps and rates to different pay groups by mass editing or uploading via Excel sheets.

  • Work Terms: Define groups with work calendars, starting/ending pays and, types of pay.

  • Files and Forms: The ability to create files and/or forms needed for governmental agency submissions. Items included: 941, UIA-1028, W-2, MI-447, MI-5081, 403b, ORS Detail reports, ACH, 1094c and 1095c to name a few.

  • Tax rates: The system maintains all necessary tax rates needed for the purposes of calculating all payroll deductions and benefits and all rates are viewable by the users.

  • Non-Assignment Rates: Rate that an employee makes that is not tied to an assignment.

  • Payroll Setup: Setting up ORS, Personal Bank Information, Workers Comp. Groups, Federal, State and Local tax information for employees

  • Pay Distribution: An area where those processing payroll for a district can make all necessary adjustments to payroll records including, payroll adjustments and account changes.

  • Additional pay: Lump sum amounts paid once or over time that are not part of an assignment such as: cash in lieu, auto allowance, bonuses.

  • Reimbursements: Direct reimbursements to employees for expenses incurred on behalf of the district for things like: conferences, mileage, meals, parking fees and such that are not taxed.

  • Payroll records: These are records that can be viewed since the beginning of the pay period. They are then automatically recalculated as changes are made that affect these records.

  • Redistribution: Takes any changes that are made between accounts with in Payroll that are then passed on to the Accounting system for the transfer of resources between accounts.

  • Sand Box: An area where you can test changes to a prior pay for the purpose of determining the impact these changes would have on those records.

  • Pay Stubs: This screen is for the employee to view and/or print their paystub for any pay that has been processed in the MiSuite system.

  • IRS Forms: This screen is for the employee to view and/or print any IRS form processed during any calendar year in the MiSuite system.

  • Security Access: The ability for any users with appropriate security to set any type of user role for read write access to any user are within the MiSuite system. Including Employee roles, Manager Roles, Administration roles. These are used to provide appropriate division of access between Human Resources, Payroll and Accounting.


This Web Based Payroll System has been solely designed based on the needs of K-12 districts. It is built on a Position Control basis for tracking positional needs. This is a time-based system which will allow entry to take place at any time for any payroll in the future. It tracks all necessary gross pay, net pay, additional pay, deductions, benefits and travel reimbursements.